Sylvia's Dream / How We Lost Her

by Jesse Rimler

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SYLVIA'S DREAM / HOW WE LOST HER is the second in a series of singles by Jesse Rimler, arranged by Jacob Rex Zimmerman.


released July 15, 2014

Music and lyrics by Jesse Rimler. Arrangements by Jacob Rex Zimmerman. Recorded by Mark Allen-Piccolo at Tiny Telephone and New, Improved Recording. Mixed by Trevor Spencer at The Unknown. Additional recording by Luke Bergman. Mastered by Mark Allen-Piccolo

Jesse Rimler, voice
Michael Coleman, piano and pump organ, background vocal
Natalie Carducci, violin
Stephanie Bibbo, violin
Evan Buttemer, viola
Gabriel Beistline, cello
Cory Wright, reeds
Graeme Smith, harp
Jacob Rex Zimmerman, Theo Padouvas, SNEAL, background vocal

Thank you:
Eli Crews, John Vanderslice, SNEAL, Luke Bergman, Mark Allen-Piccolo, Michael Coleman.



all rights reserved


Jesse Rimler Oakland, California

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Track Name: Sylvia's Dream
she wakes from her stirring
and tells me what she's been dreaming
she says it's recurring
we're there and someone is screaming
out my name

we go to our favorite little place
no one there will seat us
we sneak in the kitchen but they
catch us cook us and eat us
and it's always the same

do I act bravely?
no, I'm the first to start crying
I never protect her
in fact I'm not even trying
and it's always the same

and when we're awake
it's so hard to shake

so we lie in the dark for a while
Track Name: How We Lost Her
fall is almost gone
we're counting the leaves that haven't fallen
we're doing out best to get our minds off what's her name
she walked among us all
under the trees and near the falls
and we would give it all for some time
in her hand

tell me everything about her
I wanna know just where I stand
I wanna be the better man
tell me everything you know

we came on too strong
she picked up her things and then took off
and we had better get our minds of what's her name

schools are all shut down
everyone's wandering through the town
trying to get back what we had before she came

flags are at half mast
nobody laughing as they pass
by a memorial we built to what's her name