Secret Password / My Elevator Story

by Jesse Rimler

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SECRET PASSWORD / MY ELEVATOR STORY is the first in a series of singles by Jesse Rimler, arranged by Jacob Rex Zimmerman.


released March 3, 2014

Music and lyrics by Jesse Rimler. Arrangements by Jacob Rex Zimmerman. Recorded by Mark Allen-Piccolo at Tiny Telephone and New, Improved Recording. Mixed by Trevor Spencer at The Unknown. Additional recording by Luke Bergman. Mastered by Mark Allen-Piccolo

Jesse Rimler, voice
Michael Coleman, piano
Natalie Carducci, violin
Stephanie Bibbo, violin
Evan Buttemer, viola
Gabriel Beistline, cello
Cory Wright, clarinet
Theo Padouvas, trumpet
Rob Ewing, trombone
Danny Lubin-Laden, tuba
Roger Kim, banjo
Nate Brenner, double bass
Jon Arkin, drums

Thank you:
Eli Crews, John Vanderslice, SNEAL, Luke Bergman, Mark Allen-Piccolo, Michael Coleman.



all rights reserved


Jesse Rimler Oakland, California

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Track Name: Secret Password
Please excuse my interrupting
I’m not from here, and I’m lost
Someone told me this was somewhere
to be seen at any cost
Any cost

Is this where the scene is starting?
Am I in it, or has it passed?
Is this where I meet somebody?
Please don’t walk away so fast
Not so fast

I’ve been living on the quiet side of town
I’ve been searching for the party
but they change the secret password
when I’m around

Is this seat here really taken?
Can I join you for a spell?
Is the band onstage about to break?
Can you tell me how to tell?
How you tell
Track Name: My Elevator Story
I suspect she left me in a state of awe
“Can that be how he really lives his days?
Worrying every word he has said or will say?”

Might I place this ming vase on your ladder, dear?
If I’m a bull then you’re my china shop
Let’s rehearse this ridiculous scene from the top

He’s a good man in the wrong part of town
singing old songs so they drown
out the new ones

Just an actor who has missed his only cue
and is not sure what to do with his hours
But in the last act he might luck out

...Worrying every word he has said or will say

My elevator story is nearly done
send my captives on their merry ways
see you all on the way coming down every day